Friday, December 2, 2011

My man, "Gary Yap"

Hmm, such a long time no update my blog? =)
At first I thought no people will view my blog cause I'm just simply write it out to express my feelings..
My dear and babe were viewed my blog and advise me, support me...
Yea, the previous topic really make me sad and make me mad.. hahaxD
but then it's a pass.. =)
Still a long long way in front of me and someone will walk with me too! <3
21'11'11 - The day that we belong together! <3
I didn't ever expect that we will couple..
how curious is our life huh? =)
We know each other about few months dy actually..
You dated me twice before, but I also rejected.. hahaxD
The third time you dated me is before I went to Singapore Trip..
You dated me to sing K and I was onz! *got people treat, who don't want? hahahahahaxD 'jkjk'*
That day I went sing K with my dear Eone, YOU, and your friends!
Both of us was freaking excited that night cause we ady long time no sing k and planning to go after our Singapore Trip.. =)
The next morning we're going to Singapore...
The 3 days I'm at Singapore, you also whatsapp me and find me chat..
The first and second day I was insomnia, and you willing whatsapp with me until midnight and at last you fell asleep.. =)
That time you knew my bf ignore me, and I was very-the-upset...
You can really make me smile thru the phone! <3
You advise me, telling me what I need to do, and support me..
Maybe because of your caring, I'm fall on you..
People will think I'm "flower heart" huh?
No, I'm NOT! I'm using my true heart to treat every relationship!
I'm just a simple and ordinary girl..
I'm just finding the one who really love me, care me, and treat me good! <3
Although we have only 11 days together, but I felt your love,
I felt your caring! <3
You accompanies me every single night, hug me tightly every night..
I can really felt your love my dar! <3
I'm just hope that we can really last longer and enjoy our life together! <3
Love you Dar! <3

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