Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Felt myself very useless.. =(

Come out work ady almost 3 years, no saving at all and now no work..

I didn't even know what am I interested on and what job should I find after cny..

Just now mummy ask, 'do you have extra money buy cny clothes?'

Actually I got no more extra money, if got extra money also save it to pump my car oil..

But I answer her 'Nvm, I got..'

She was like 'Huh?! You no working how come you got money?'

I said, 'Got la, no worries..'

I got 'no face' to ask money from her cause she's now is helping my pay my car installment..

I know she's very sayang me and scare I got no money use but 'Mummy, I really got 'no face' to take it anymore.. Sorry mummy!'

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